I was struck this week by a post put out by a casting director in which they stated that they had a "constant scream" going on in their heads just with 'everything' that's happening in the world. A few things..
In today's edition of The Stage, Lyn Gardner takes an in-depth look at the case of Chris Goode and why such a prolific abuser was essentially being enabled by our industry for so long. Just a few months ago I..
There can't be a performer or a musician alive that hasn't had one point had some pithy comment about their choice of occupation. From the well-meaning advice that we all love to share with friends, to the jaw-dropping rudeness of..
The tragic death of Molly Russell is really putting the toxicity and danger of social media into the spotlight. I wrote a little bit about my concerns around this the other day but I'd like to revisit it in light..
As regular readers of this blog will know during the lockdown I became fascinated by the spread of misinformation during and since the pandemic. In fact, I would say that my interest in this parallel universe has increased since the..
So at the time of writing the UK is still reeling from the first couple of weeks of having Liz Truss as our Prime Minister. To be fair to Ms Truss she didn't start from a winning position (ironically). The..
I've become somewhat fixated with the use of whataboutisms and how regularly they're used on social media and indeed the MSM. I first became aware of this phenomenon when reading a little about the Russian disinformation war. Now obviously I..
I abhor cancel culture but love debating and discussing stuff. My hope is that these blogs start a discussion, so if you love or hate them, agree or disagree with me, join me over on Twitter https://twitter.com/The_A_Disruptor and let's put..
A while ago I wrote this blog about the responsibility of drama colleges to pay freelancers on time Today a director friend of mine posted a semi-regular tweet that I see from colleagues bemoaning the timeframe that it takes for freelancers..
I have a real love/hate relationship with social media, I both love and despise the power that it harnesses. I watch the harrowing footage of those brave women over in Iran as they undertake their #unveiledwalking protest, trying to ensure..