Now you'd be forgiven in thinking that this was yet another post about the appalling service The MTA received at the hands of Trinity College London - but you'd be wrong. The validation that I'd like to ponder on today..
A little while ago I wrote about my "hobby" of people watching on social media. That blog was inspired by the victim statement that Ben Hewis had put out after watching his stalker, a certain Alex Belfield, get sent down..
As a general rule, I hate discussing the disparity between how females are treated in business versus men, however, this morning I was reminded of the reality again. A letter of complaint that I had written was perceived to be..
For the first time in around 20 years, I have no steady job - and for the first time in 15 years, I now have free time. Had I chosen this respite as opposed to having it foisted upon me..
I know, I know - it's another ranty blog about "the establishment", but at the moment this stuff is particularly raw for obvious reasons. Yesterday I was made aware of this article in The Stage where the LAMDA Chair Shaun..
I was struck this week by a post put out by a casting director in which they stated that they had a "constant scream" going on in their heads just with 'everything' that's happening in the world. A few things..
In today's edition of The Stage, Lyn Gardner takes an in-depth look at the case of Chris Goode and why such a prolific abuser was essentially being enabled by our industry for so long. Just a few months ago I..
There can't be a performer or a musician alive that hasn't had one point had some pithy comment about their choice of occupation. From the well-meaning advice that we all love to share with friends, to the jaw-dropping rudeness of..
The tragic death of Molly Russell is really putting the toxicity and danger of social media into the spotlight. I wrote a little bit about my concerns around this the other day but I'd like to revisit it in light..
As regular readers of this blog will know during the lockdown I became fascinated by the spread of misinformation during and since the pandemic. In fact, I would say that my interest in this parallel universe has increased since the..