Over the past month or so my family have been at the mercy of the NHS, and I have to say that it's been an exasperating rollercoaster. Up until late January this year my 91 year old father had been..
This week Read College joined the depressing list of colleges that have been forced to close over the last few years. Like The MTA they managed to "save" themselves at first but only lasted a few months before coming to..
Remember when you were back at school and somebody would tell you a story and then tell you not to tell anyone else? Of course, human nature is inherently tribal and so whilst you'd swear to keep the secret, there..
For the past 8 months, I've had the neighbours from hell. From the person that would come onto my driveway several times a day, looking through my bay windows or staring through the letterbox, and on one occasion mid what..
For the first time ever the nurses are on strike. They join the long list of. . . well, just about every profession, that are fed up with successive Tory governments not paying them fairly. That'll be the same Tories..
Sometimes saying nothing on social media would be a stronger message than saying everything. Let me explain. As of last night, people watching the popular ITV show I'm A Celebrity have been "treated" to the sight of our former Health..
There was a brief moment in 2020 when it felt like the world would unite in its fight against an insidious virus. Within our lockdowns, there was a sense of community. If a neighbour was forced to isolate others would..
Well, today caught me totally off guard - I tuned into the live stream of today's debate at the House of Commons but had to turn it off because I felt sympathy with Liz Truss! I know right? I can't..
As regular readers of this blog will know during the lockdown I became fascinated by the spread of misinformation during and since the pandemic. In fact, I would say that my interest in this parallel universe has increased since the..
So at the time of writing the UK is still reeling from the first couple of weeks of having Liz Truss as our Prime Minister. To be fair to Ms Truss she didn't start from a winning position (ironically). The..