Recently my social media feeds were full of people remembering where they were and what they were doing on that fateful day in 2020 with the industry shut down. Months of uncertainty followed with so many freelancers stranded when the..
Another day, another article in The Stage about ongoing issues at a vocational training college, and another day of silence from our industry. Having campaigned for so long now for the vocational training industry in the UK to have an..
The ITV drama Mr Bates Vs The Post Office has left the UK reeling at the thought that so many people, with such compelling evidence could have been ignored, railroaded into admissions of guilt, incarcerated and fundamentally had their worlds..
Prior to the partygate storm resurfacing this week my social media timeline was slowly getting flooded by people speaking out about OfSted Inspections. For what it's worth I'm in complete agreement that schools need to be held accountable and indeed..
Over the past month or so my family have been at the mercy of the NHS, and I have to say that it's been an exasperating rollercoaster. Up until late January this year my 91 year old father had been..
Increasingly I'm amazed by the bad practice in our industry that goes unchallenged and perversely accepted. For sure people speak in code about this bully or that abuser, and very occasionally some brave soul will expose the secret and name..
This week's "showbiz" news centred around the fact that David Walliams was no longer going to judge the popular TV programme - Britain's Got Talent. The headlines centred around the fact that he had been removed after the media reported..
For the first time ever the nurses are on strike. They join the long list of. . . well, just about every profession, that are fed up with successive Tory governments not paying them fairly. That'll be the same Tories..
I'm not really a royalist but then saying that I'm not a republican either. So I guess that I have a status quo bias. I understand that our history and heritage however abhorrent it feels in 2022, still creates a..
WhatsApp eh? A brilliant way to communicate cheaply with your loved ones, or is it the chink in your armour that you've failed to notice? Remember in the good old days, before t'internet, we used to meet up with various..