I've been following with interest the long thread of polls that the girls over on the 98% pod put out a week ago. Firstly if you don't follow/listen to the 98% pod you really should. Katie and Alexa speak for..
Isn't it funny how some dates just stick in your mind, whilst others (eg my wedding anniversary) never quite lodge there. 15th March 2022 I suspect will forever be one of those dates. This time last year the date was..
This week Read College joined the depressing list of colleges that have been forced to close over the last few years. Like The MTA they managed to "save" themselves at first but only lasted a few months before coming to..
The other day, I received a great email informing me that SOLT and UK Theatre were partnering with The Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority (CIISA). The CIISA's remit was to improve standards of behaviour across the creative industries. You can..
I started 2022 with so much hope and optimism for the year ahead after a particularly trying 2021. I was the Principal of a multi-award winning drama college which had somehow managed to be "saved" after announcing that it would..
I'm not really a royalist but then saying that I'm not a republican either. So I guess that I have a status quo bias. I understand that our history and heritage however abhorrent it feels in 2022, still creates a..
Yesterday my social media feeds were filled with people desperately attempting to fundraise to save Read College. According to their posts they have until 12th December to raise £40,000 in order to re-open in January. Once again students were online..
In the middle of the pandemic I wrote a blog about the 7 stages of grief in a bid to try and help a few people that I'd spoken to that were struggling mid-lockdown. It's sometimes easy to forget that..
I know, I know, I'm like a stuck record when it comes to this topic - but having just seen the announcement of a new drama college opening in 2023, it's prompted me to write about it. . . again..
I know, I know - it's another ranty blog about "the establishment", but at the moment this stuff is particularly raw for obvious reasons. Yesterday I was made aware of this article in The Stage where the LAMDA Chair Shaun..