All I wanted to do was to run a small drama college, when things went tits up last year I took time to process it all and then just move on, and in truth whilst I've found this year's closure..
I'm not really sure how this happened but over the past few years, the idea of elite training has become a bad concept, synonymous with "exclusive", and frowned upon in an era when everybody should be able to access everything...
 It's been over a week now since The MTA announced that it was closing in Sept 2022. That's a week of everybody including me attempting to process the news. Having bizarrely gone through this week last year too I'm struck..
My mum, a staunch unionist, always taught me about social responsibility. She would always call out injustice wherever she saw it. She inspired me to do the same.  This ongoing discussion will not help the college, but if it holds..
I'm aware that I'm posting a lot about Trinity. I'm aware that it could be perceived to be sour grapes, or bitterness even that something just didn't go the way that I would have liked to. Here's the thing though, only..
Last year when I wrote about our 2021 closing announcement, I blogged about an inevitable conclusion to a cut in government funding, Brexit, and a global pandemic. I wrote about feeling that I'd been desperately trying to steer an out-of-control..
 As the Tory leadership battle continues this weekend saw both Truss and Sunak throwing the spotlight onto education. As with all their Tory-pleasing soundbites both had come up with what many people perceived to be radical ideas. Now at the..