As soon as an organisation is reluctant to investigate something my immediate thought is that they're covering something up. That's not to say that they are. . . but having run a business I understand that reputation is everything. Therefore..
Seldom have I been so frustrated than I've been this weekend reading the media (legacy and social) coverage that Central has had over the fact that they've decided to scrap their audition fees. People lauding them as trailblazers, industry professionals..
Back in 2021 when The MTA first announced that it was closing (don't ask. . . it turned out to be a dress run for the following year) I said in our press release that we wouldn't be the last..
Over on Deadline Jake Kanter has been writing articles on the poor practice still taking place in UK drama colleges. His latest article features yet more stories coming out of Arts Ed, this time focused on the Principal who was..
4 pm 12th July 2022 a date/time that I'll likely not forget in a hurry. It was the time that I was booked into a Zoom with 2 members of the Trinity College London team to discuss their recommendations as..
I've been following with interest the long thread of polls that the girls over on the 98% pod put out a week ago. Firstly if you don't follow/listen to the 98% pod you really should. Katie and Alexa speak for..
I've just been reading an article in today's Telegraph claiming that the acting world is "crueller" than it's ever been. I would completely agree that the industry did not "build back better" after the pandemic, however it's also true to..
Isn't it funny how some dates just stick in your mind, whilst others (eg my wedding anniversary) never quite lodge there. 15th March 2022 I suspect will forever be one of those dates. This time last year the date was..
This week Read College joined the depressing list of colleges that have been forced to close over the last few years. Like The MTA they managed to "save" themselves at first but only lasted a few months before coming to..
The other day, I received a great email informing me that SOLT and UK Theatre were partnering with The Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority (CIISA). The CIISA's remit was to improve standards of behaviour across the creative industries. You can..