Author: The Accidental Disruptor

Another day, another article in The Stage about ongoing issues at a vocational training college, and another day of silence from our industry. Having campaigned for so long now for the vocational training industry in the UK to have an..
The ITV drama Mr Bates Vs The Post Office has left the UK reeling at the thought that so many people, with such compelling evidence could have been ignored, railroaded into admissions of guilt, incarcerated and fundamentally had their worlds..
Over on Deadline Jake Kanter has been writing articles on the poor practice still taking place in UK drama colleges. His latest article features yet more stories coming out of Arts Ed, this time focused on the Principal who was..
4 pm 12th July 2022 a date/time that I'll likely not forget in a hurry. It was the time that I was booked into a Zoom with 2 members of the Trinity College London team to discuss their recommendations as..
A few years ago I wrote a blog about the dangers of people lying online and the danger of people failing to remain curious. I noted how anybody can say/write anything online and noted how narratives can grow way beyond..
I've been following with interest the long thread of polls that the girls over on the 98% pod put out a week ago. Firstly if you don't follow/listen to the 98% pod you really should. Katie and Alexa speak for..
I've just been reading an article in today's Telegraph claiming that the acting world is "crueller" than it's ever been. I would completely agree that the industry did not "build back better" after the pandemic, however it's also true to..
Prior to the partygate storm resurfacing this week my social media timeline was slowly getting flooded by people speaking out about OfSted Inspections. For what it's worth I'm in complete agreement that schools need to be held accountable and indeed..
Over the past month or so my family have been at the mercy of the NHS, and I have to say that it's been an exasperating rollercoaster. Up until late January this year my 91 year old father had been..
Isn't it funny how some dates just stick in your mind, whilst others (eg my wedding anniversary) never quite lodge there. 15th March 2022 I suspect will forever be one of those dates. This time last year the date was..